Reach out to Someone in Need.

09 Aug

I'm sitting at my desk in Religion class, my mind wonders. The lights are off and the warm is dark, but I feel at peace in the calm atmosphere.

Teacher: *Stands in front of his desk, adjusts his thin framed glasses on his wrinkled face.*  In high school I got a pair of concert tickets, I was planning to go with a friend that cancelled at the last minute. There was a young boy who sat alone in the cafeteria and I offered him the ticket. We went together, had a good time. Many years later he invited me to conference where he was a guest speaker. He talked about the day  I gave him the ticket... he talked about wanting to commit suicide before I became his friend. I was shocked, I had know he was suffering that much.


Helping others shouldn't be a burden, we are called to be there for each other. Assisting someone else is one of the easiest ways to gain a friend or a companion. And seeing joy on that person's face will make you happy as well.

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